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    Overrun with kittens

    Cuddles and more Kittens go through a phase called the ‘socialisation period’ between two and seven weeks of age, during…

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    Welcome to the new royal baby

    Here in the Mayhew family, it’s an exciting time of year too – with kitten season upon us and lots…

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    Abused dog bids beastly past goodbye

    Jayda has now been officially adopted by Duschanca, and visits Mayhew regularly to spend time with her extended ‘forever family’…

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    Gentle tom-cat finally finds love

    When 8-year-old tabby Tom found himself homeless last year, he thought he might have found a new feline family when…

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    Announcing our kennel refurbishment

    From the end of April 2019 until late summer, our main kennel block will be closed for refurbishment. We will…

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    A quick guide to feral cat care

    Now that you know about feral cats, here are some simple ways you can help and care for them. Why…

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    Feral or stray – what is the difference?

    Cats are often seen roaming the streets, hanging around in neighbourhoods or dashing off into the hedges, but are they…

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    Cat owner overwhelmed with cats and kittens

    When a local cat owner planned to care for three adult female cats, he never expected his feline family to…

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    The most affectionate cat has an eye for cuddles

    Nicknamed Mayhew’s ‘most affectionate cat’, eight-year-old Explorer didn’t lose any love for people, even after being left behind by his…

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