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    Abandoned dog left with filthy fur and fleas

    A member of Mayhew’s night staff said: “ I told her she was a good girl, and she instantly seemed…

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    The Adventures of Aslan the Norwegian Forest cat

    Seven-year-old Aslan – a majestic silver Norwegian Forest cat – was found on the streets just around the corner from…

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    Don’t sell your pet on Gumtree – we have safer solutions for rehoming unwanted animals

    Caroline Yates added: “We purport to be a nation of animal lovers. As such bringing a pup or kitten into…

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    “Wobbly kitten” ready to find a steady home

    Mayhew rescues stray, abandoned and injured animals every single day. Whilst the majority of animals we bring in to our…

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    Cat found having partially digested a plastic bag

    When little Bilbo arrived at Mayhew, it was clear he had been through the wars. He was dehydrated, suffering from…

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    Lonely kitten found abandoned in a box

    Unfortunately, as Boxey was found alone and too young to have been weaned from his mother, he had missed out…

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    Tiny kitten is the only survivor from her litter

    Whilst it’s a myth that a mother cat will automatically reject her newborn kittens if they are touched by humans,…

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    Cat trapped under the floorboards

    We believe that Barry had been trapped under the floor for approximately 7 to 10 days. As he had only…

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    The tragic tale of two kittens

    With kitten season well underway, it comes as no surprise when owners struggle cope with an influx of unexpected or…

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