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    We are working to keep the homeless and vulnerable in London together with their animals.

    Mayhew has been a lifeline for the homeless and rough sleepers since 2000.

    We work closely with homeless charities across London to make sure we keep people and their animals together. A dog is often a homeless person’s only companion, but the added expense of vet and food bills puts an extra burden on people who are already in a vulnerable situation.

    Our Animal Welfare Officers regularly visit the homeless and their dogs at centres and on the streets, where they build close and trusted relationships with them and provide free general health checks and microchipping. Animal Welfare Officers visit 15 homeless centres including Thames Reach, Spitalfields Crypt Trust, The Salvation Army, St Mungo’s, Crisis, and Broadway Homeless Hostel and Drop in Centre.

    We offer preventative vet care including neutering, vaccinations, defleaing and worming treatments. We give collars, tags and leads to keep their dogs safe and jackets to keep them warm in the cold winter months. We make sure all the dogs have plenty of food and our dedicated Animal Welfare Officers are always there to help, no matter how difficult the situation may be.

    Gulbar and Lucky's story

    Homeless man, Gulbar, lives on the streets of London with his best friend Lucky, a four-year-old Staffie. One day Gulbar and Lucky were crossing the road in West London when a car suddenly appeared from nowhere and hit Lucky. Gulbar said: “It all happened so fast. I managed to get out of the way but Lucky had no chance. The car didn’t even stop and quickly sped off. I’ve had Lucky since she was a puppy and she has always been by my side. The thought of not having her here scared the life out of me.” Lucky, who was in severe pain, was brought into Mayhew by our Animal Welfare Officers. Our Vet Team immediately performed surgery on her broken hind leg and fractured pelvis and we provided a collapsible cage and physio advice to help Lucky continue her recovery. Mayhew covered all of the veterinary costs as Gulbar was in a vulnerable situation and unable to pay for her treatment.

    Your help can make a difference to rough sleepers like Gulbar.

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