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At our Community Vet Clinic, we offer free and low-cost neutering services.

Our free and low-cost neutering services are available to everyone.

We offer free neutering for cats eligible under the London C4 scheme.

Neutering is an essential part of responsible pet ownership.

The neutering procedure offers a humane and permanent solution to unwanted litters and also reduces the risk of your pet developing certain cancers and other diseases. Your pet will also be less likely to develop unwanted behaviours such as roaming, spraying and fighting with other animals.

It is a simple, quick and low-risk procedure - most animals will be in and out of the Clinic within one day. We neuter cats from the age of 8-9 weeks and dogs from the age of 12 weeks. We will always make an individual assessment of each animal before each procedure.

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A simple, quick and low-risk procedure - most animals will be in and out of the Clinic within one day.

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What do we offer?

Our Community Vet Clinic offers free and low-cost neutering for cats, dogs and rabbits.

Free cat neutering

We offer free neutering for some cats under the C4 Scheme. The scheme was created by the major animal charities in London to tackle cat overpopulation. You are eligible for free cat neutering if:
• You live locally to Mayhew, in addition to meeting at least one of the following criteria
• You own the cat and receive state benefit, state pension, council tax benefits or housing benefits
• You are a full time student
• You are on a low household income
• The cat is a stray that you have been feeding for at least 14 days

Proof that the owner is eligible must be provided on the day of your appointment.

To find out more, please visit the C4 scheme guide.


We also offer a free Pick & Snip scheme for cats and dogs.

We collect cats and dogs, bring them to our Clinic for neutering and return them. Find out more about this scheme.


From 1st January 2020, we will no longer offer free Bull breed neutering.